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How to Block Adobe Flash Player

Adobe’s Flash is swiss cheese. It’s poorly written and frequently exploited. Some especially ugly exploits of late. Adobe has been left scrambling to patch. Again. Flash is Finally Dead For all the developers that have begged and pleaded for Flash to die, the day is finally here. Even for those that have stubbornly hung on

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Selector-Connector To The Rescue

As a C++ developer, one of the greatest challenges of working with Filemaker has been the discomfort of reliance on cloning. Cloning is copying the same functionality to a new context, and altering it slightly to fit. Cloning is bad. Very very bad. When functionality is copied, the bugs come along. When a bug is fixed,

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OS X Yosemite Beta Program includes Photos

Photos on the desktop will replace both iPhoto and Aperture. Here is a first look a the replacement. The Beta is open to everyone. Sign up for the Yosemite Beta Program here;