How to Block Adobe Flash Player


Adobe’s Flash is swiss cheese. It’s poorly written and frequently exploited. Some especially ugly exploits of late.

Adobe has been left scrambling to patch. Again.

Flash is Finally Dead

For all the developers that have begged and pleaded for Flash to die, the day is finally here. Even for those that have stubbornly hung on to Flash, insisting that the tech is fundamentally good (the argument usually hinging on how there’s nothing better out there), there won’t be much point in mounting further defence. Users have been burned. Developers have been burned. Wash rinse repeat.

I will miss you, homestarrunner. Or at least the decade-old memory of delighted chuckles. Truth is, we outgrew you long ago. With or without the latest security issues, web design is now overwhelmingly focused on mobility. The writing was on the wall.

Block Adobe Flash

Turns out that blocking Adobe Flash Player is not so hard. After you block, you may be surprised at the sites that still use Flash. But don’t worry. You will always have the option of allowing it on a site-by-site basis. Assuming your opinion of the site hasn’t fallen enough to bail and find an alternative that won’t sneak around unlocking all the doors and windows in your house.


Safari > Preferences 
Security > Internet Plug-ins > Website Settings...
Click on "Adobe Flash Player" on Left Sidebar
Set "When Visiting Other Websites:" to BLOCK
Override on a Site-by-Site basis


Click "Disable" under "Adobe Flash Player"

Ears and Eyes Open

Not all hackers are unscrupulous like The Hacking Team. But when there’s a buck to be made, somebody out there will reach out their grubby hands to grab it. No matter the real life consequences. There will always be new exploits, even in responsibly written and managed code.

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