Security Alert: Mac OS X Vulnerability


DYLD_PRINT_TO_FILE exploit gives full superuser access

Trivial application of this vulnerability allows installation of malware on your system. The known use case quietly installs MacKeeper, Vsearch and Geneio without your permission. Details of the exploit show that much worse could be done.


DO NOT INSTALL any new software on your Mac until further notice

Apple is working on an Update.

But because the security researcher exposed the vulnerability to the public prior to notifying Apple, there will be plenty of time for many others to devise ways of using the exploit. So those much worse things that could be done, probably will be done.

Once the malware is on your system, Apple’s Update won’t help.

It will only prevent future attacks using this exploit. Whatever has been installed on your system without your knowledge will still be there.

The malware can only get on your system if you download and run a program.

Hold off on installing new software on your Mac until the exploit is fixed.


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