WWDC 2015 Highlights


iOS9 has some handy updates that will leave you wondering… “Why didn’t it always do that?”. The big stories are battery life, saving space, split screen, and “Proactive” (ugh) menus. The bonus features;

  • add iCloud attachments to Mail
  • dynamic keyboard that shows active case
  • search in Settings
  • Go back to app button from Notification

El Capitan has some interesting tidbits for developers. Need to know more about UI testing in Xcode, please! For end users, holding out hope that new Mail is not just prettier but also able to consistently, you know, deliver your mail. Without crashing, freezing and so on.

And it’s great that Spotlight can now be moved. Is that an accomplishment, really? What would have been better is if you could actually do things with results. Why is it that I can’t switch to Finder if I need to?




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