Review: MacBook Pro Skins by DecalGirl


Found DecalGirl Skins while researching branded protection for a client. Spent way too long “oo-ing and ah-ing” over the gorgeous artwork available to wrap your devices. So many choices. Tinkered with the custom skin editor, but finally settled on a starmap theme in matte finish and placed the order for my 15in Retina model.

Matte finish Skin on MacBook Pro 15in Retina

Matte finish Skin on MacBook Pro 15in Retina

Took less than a week for my skin to arrive in Canada. Fast international shipping? A definite plus. Got out my cleaning kit and got the skin installed in less than 20 minutes.

A few notes about installation:

  1. No included instructions. Go online to view the video of tips and tricks. Really, you should do this.
  2. The vinyl will deform if you try to peel back the skin after it has been smoothed down. Make sure it’s lined up first.
  3. I still have no idea what the extra decals in the keyboard area are for.
  4. My existing clear MacBook case fit easily with the decal installed.

Why I love this skin:

  1. After a month, still looks as good as day 1. No peeling, stiffening, or fading.
  2. Protects against hand rest discolouration and scratches on the interior case where cases cannot go.
  3. Did I mention beautiful? The matching wallpaper has more of a wow factor on the iPad, but still nice here.

This product arrives quickly, is reasonably priced, can be customized, looks good, and provides extra protection for your MacBook. Highly recommended.

Check them out here:

Decal Girl MacBook Pro Skins

They carry skins for almost any device (not just Apple). I also picked up the coordinating skin for my iPad Air. Great opportunity for small or large business branding!


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