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Find an iPad case tough enough for your 2 year old. Manage all of your devices with a well designed docking station. Backup your camera’s SD card on the road without your laptop. Unsolicited reviews of products we have come across in our business and personal lives. Enjoy!

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Review: Studio PROPER X Lock iPad Air Case and Accessories

Change the case, and an iPad can be a different tool. The X Lock system from Studio Proper with interchangeable accessories gives your iPad the flexibility to be multiple tools with a quick twist. Use Your iPad for Everything The requirement for my client's patiet-based business was simple, do everything with iPads -- in both the

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Review: MacBook Pro Skins by DecalGirl

Found DecalGirl Skins while researching branded protection for a client. Spent way too long “oo-ing and ah-ing” over the gorgeous artwork available to wrap your devices. So many choices. Tinkered with the custom skin editor, but finally settled on a starmap theme in matte finish and placed the order for my 15in Retina model. Took less than

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