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Find an app to make your work life more efficient, or teach your kids math. See how subscription services in your industry fare with detailed evaluations. Unsolicited reviews of software we have come across in our business and personal lives. Enjoy!

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Review: Why you should be using Sunrise Calendar on iOS

Propose meetings with a Text In a novel application of Keyboards, Sunrise puts your Calendar at your fingertips from any messaging app. Once you install Sunrise and enable the Meet Keyboard, you can create and confirm new meetings through text messages. Give your contacts time slots to choose from with a tap. Brilliant. Do the "When

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Review: App Roundup July 2015

iOS App Roundup for July 2015 Apps we came across in July and how they fared in real life. A little bit of everything, put to the test by us. Summer time means our priorities are time savers and brain trainers. Quick Math Jr. - Pre-K to Year 1 Math Practice By Shiny Things Free

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