Review: App Roundup July 2015


iOS App Roundup for July 2015

Apps we came across in July and how they fared in real life. A little bit of everything, put to the test by us. Summer time means our priorities are time savers and brain trainers.

Free download, unlock additional levels with in-app upgrade. Spendy for an app in this class but lots of mileage. Kids are rewarded for completing simple conceptual math problems with components to design their own monsters. Their customized monsters make appearances in subsequent levels. Appeals to 3-5 year old age group, no grownup assistance needed. Engaging animations, just the right amount of silly. Well done.

A novel word game in a world awash with word games. Collect adorable bears and push your game with countdown tiles. Use bears to boost scores or add time to timed levels. Free download. Enjoyable for adults and older kids with a good vocabulary. Single in-app purchase to unlock unlimited play.

What I wish for this game:

  1. that it had was a dictionary of found words at the end of each level, which would give it more educational value.
  2. that the odds of winning a rare bear were indicated, even a blitz period with better odds.
  3. that you could replay completed chapters (for when the kids of varying abilities borrow my phone).
  4. that the game play had more variety, maybe themes or challenges?
  5. that it had a hint or suggestion system to help kids build their vocabulary.

Overall, a pleasant way to pass time in the grocery line and please with ad-free option.

Nice feed of your IFTTT recipes in action. Skip the email notifications and use this app instead. You can also enable/disable recipes with a tap, or even add new recipes. If you haven’t checked out IFTTT, it’s a must for small businesses. Automatically propagate your social updates instead of entering them manually on each service. Huge timesaver. Only complaint? Lots of spammy offers to try other recipes in your inbox. One tricky bit, don’t specify a redirect for your WordPress blog URL.

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